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silvermarvels's Journal

Silver Screen and Marvel Comics: The Remix
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This is the community for the fanfic remix challenge Silver Screen Marvels. This comm is dedicated to the amazingly cracktastic premise that many classic Hollywood movies could be rewritten using Marvel Comics characters.

For instance:

Casablanca: Logan = Rick, Jean = Ilse, Scott = Victor
Stage Door: Emma = Terry, Kitty = Jean, Siryn = Judy, etc.
His Girl Friday: Susan Storm-Richard = Hildy, Namor = Walter, Reed = Bruce (yes, that breaks up their marriage, I know!)
The Women: oh, all the x-women, you can map it out!
Notorious: X-Men movieverse, Logan = Deviln, Rogue = Alicia, Magneto = Alexander Sebastian.
The Philadelphia Story: Cap = CK Dexter Haven, Sharon Carter = Tracy Lord, Tony = Macauley Connor, Pepper Potts = Liz Imbrie, Molly = Dinah

Does this make any kind of sense? No?

Okay, here is a fic your moderator, resolute, wrote. The best part of fighting is making up.

Does that help?